Day: November 16, 2019

how to grow shado beni at home
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How To Grow Rewarding Culantro At Home, Shado Beni

In Trinidad and Tobago this is a must herb to have in our refrigerator.  It is used to make our famous green seasonings, to make chows etc.  Trinidad Pineapple Chow Early in 2019 before I traveled to my home country Trinidad and Tobago,  I had a beautiful culantro plant which I was so proud off.  […]

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Trinidad Food

Trinidad And Tobago Homemade Green Seasoning Recipe

In Trinidad and Tobago, we add a homemade green seasoning to season all our meats and seafood.  We also add a bit of the green seasoning when actually cooking our meals.  It is made in large amounts ahead of time and refrigerated until ready to be used. So generally we would go to the farmers […]

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