Trinidad And Tobago Homemade Green Seasoning Recipe

In Trinidad and Tobago, we add a homemade green seasoning to season all our meats and seafood.  We also add a bit of the green seasoning when actually cooking our meals.  It is made in large amounts ahead of time and refrigerated until ready to be used.

So generally we would go to the farmers market and get freshly harvested herbs like:  parsley, chive, onions, garlic, thyme, pimento (seasoning peppers), pepper, shado beni (culantro).  At home these herbs are washed and cut up into smaller pieces and blend in a blender.  Of course you can use a food processor, that way you would not have to add any water at all as opposed to using the blender, you will have to add water to get the blender going.

My mother usually add some salt to the blended herbs, place in bottles and refrigerate.  In adding salt to the green seasoning, you have to be mindful of then when actually seasoning meats and seafood and actually cooking your food.  Because what would happen is if you add salt to your meats and when cooking your meals, you will end up with a salty dish.

Before the days of the blender, I remember my mother using a food grinder to grind the herbs.  I also remember many times I assisted my mother in doing this process and my eyes use to burn because of the onions.  I recently found out a way to work with onions without the eye burning experience.  Click here to watch my video.

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