Spicy Tamarind Balls Recipe – Made With Caribbean Sour Tamarind

Spicy Tamarind Balls.  Photo by Martina Jackson.  Click on the photo to check my photography website.
Tamarind balls are simply flavorful, kids love the taste of this tropical fruit with its sugary taste. Moreover, this snack is sold on the street of Trinidad and Tobago and is affectionately loved by all. The balls have a sweet, or sour taste.

2 cups sour Caribbean tamarind cleaned
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons pepper sauce or a small piece of pepper finely chopped
2 cups of sugar

Crack the shell of each tamarind pod and remove the tamarind.  There may be some piece of stripes around the tamarind. Remove and discard.  Put the tamarind in a bowl.  Continue the process until all the tamarind are removed from their shells.  2 cups of tamarind is needed for the recipe.

Note: If you don’t use all the cleaned tamarind, you can put the balance into a storage bags and store in the freezer.

Go through the tamarind in the bowl and remove any excess shell that may have stuck on the tamarind.
Add the salt, pepper and sugar.  Using your hands mix and squeeze all the ingredients together until it forms  into a lump.
Pinch off about a tablespoon from the lump of tamarind mixture.  Roll into a ball and set aside.  Repeat this process until all the tamarind mixture is used up.
Dip each ball in some granulated sugar, roll it and set aside.  Repeat this process until all the balls are coated in  the sugar.  Store in airtight containers.

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Five Impressive Health Benefits Of Tamarind

Anti-aging benefits:  It’s usual to find a lot of people expending fortunes on beauty products, but some of them ignore or underestimate the power of nature to be ageless. Tamarind consumption is an easy option to stay healthy and young because of its antioxidants that prevent aging. Using a tamarind-based paste on your cutis –as the one we explained before- will directly increase this benefit on your looking.

Having acne?  Use tamarind:  Eating tamarind has a lot of benefits for your wellness, as the most of health issues we face are directly related to metabolic disorders and chronic inflammation and, the properties of this fruit –as well as many other natural foods do-, act on regulating and shutting down this permanent unbalance, that sometimes cause even damages in our skin, including acne.

Improve your cardiovascular health with tamarind:  This fruit is very rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, which are excellent for controlling the levels of HDL-LDL (“good” and “bad” cholesterol) and triglycerides in blood. Its seed has also shown a relevant modulatory effect on the immune system, which helps controlling cholesterol levels but also balances your defenses and its impact on your cardiovascular system 1.

Good against inflammation:  Once again, not only the fruit but also tamarind leaves are a great alternative against inflammatory processes, as acute as also those named low grade inflammation (chronic), being this last one a very important cause of the most of chronic diseases. Maybe the effect isn’t the most notorious or important from tamarind benefits. but it will be useful to add tamarind juice or teas (using no sugar or honey if needed) for your daily routine.

Tamarind against constipation and diarrhea:  In folk medicine the laxative effects of tamarind are pretty well known, being maybe the most important use given by ancient cultures from India to Africa. Because of its important (but not excessive) content of dietary fiber, potassium and tartaric acid, it promotes defecation in those people with chronic constipation. In case of diarrhea, it’s suggested to use the leaves of the tamarind plant in infusions.

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