How To Make Guyana Cassava Egg Balls

egg balls

Egg balls are very popular in Guyana. I love cassava eggs balls so I will share the recipe with you in this blog post.


1 stick of cassava 3 eggs chive basil small leaf thyme 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon onion powder 1/2 teaspoon salt all purpose flour

onion powder
garlic powder Oil for frying

Put all the fresh herbs into a blender and grind. Peel the cassava (you can also use the frozen cassava), cut into small sections and place into a pot of water to boil and cook, you can also put the eggs to boil with the cassava.

After about 8 minutes remove the eggs from the pot and set aside. When they are cool, remove the shell of the eggs. When the pieces of cassava are cooked and tender, turn off the stove, remove from the pot and place in a mixing bowl and allow the cassava to cool. Remove the string that is in cassava that you will see when you cut each piece into half.

Use a potato masher to mash the cassava. Add the green seasoning and the seasoning powders. Mix everything together. Take a tablespoon of the mixture and flatten into a circular shape. Place one of the boiled eggs into the center of the circular shape and fold the cassava around the boiled egg.
Roll to get a perfect ball shape and coat with a bit of all purpose flour. Continue this process with the rest of the boiled eggs.

If there is any of the cassava mixture remaining, take a tablespoon of the mixture and roll and form into a ball. Coat with a bit of flour. Put a pot on the stove and allow it to hot. Add a generous amount of oil. When the oil is nice and hot place the cassava egg balls and cassava balls into the pot with the hot oil and allow them to get golden brown all around.

Remove from pot and place on a plate lined with paper towel.

These cassava egg balls are generally served with a dip called Mango Sours in Guyana.

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